Tuesday, November 29, 2005

November 29, 2005

snowbird with sheldon
24 inches in the last 48 hours Posted by Picasa

November 28, 2005

huntington with myron.. 3 to 6 foot faces.

What a great week. surfing and snowboarding.
dont worry dad Im doing tons of school work. kinda. Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 07, 2005

Square Magazine

So I was in this magazine.. this is at my house.. and those are acutally all my prepy cloths. except for the jean jacket.. This girl is named whitney lisonbee. she does her laundry at our house.  Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


another halloween costume .. here im sharu khan Posted by Picasa

Jenn and I

Jenny Corry and I, defining grace. a little while after this the cops came.. cause we were climbing the rocks in the back of this photo(right up the house.) and there were poeple inside. it was a condo in park city.. I tryed to take a picture of the cop by shoting from the hip and he caught me, he got upset and growled; " turn that thing off" it was great. Posted by Picasa


We went climbing and got rained out. Posted by Picasa

invisable man trick or treating

 Posted by Picasa

Hunter, rapper, aussie search and rescue

halloween is sweet Posted by Picasa

Born to camp

 Posted by Picasa

with a back pack too

some of the parts where super challenging like this one.. it looks kinda easy.. but it was hard I promise. Posted by Picasa

Southern Utah

This one is called lepricahun.. it was the sweetest canyon.. alomost like a cave in places and It was so small we would have to keep our feet turned one way for huge stretches.. what a good time Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 24, 2005


noelle and I just chillen' out Posted by Picasa


Getting kissed just cause you finish sounds good to me. But We did get free ski passes to Northstar and free Messages after the race (seriouly 2 guy working on my sweaty after race body it was wonderful. and we got free food and a bunch of other free stuff. Posted by Picasa

Adventure Race

This was a Adventure Race up in Tahoe. Jeromy and I did pretty good considering Jeromy was so sick he could'nt eat breakfast. We Actaully came in 21 out of 80 teams.. which was very surprizing. We amazingly found this check point super fast.. to which there where no directions.. We rode by it on the bikes.. but the biking was long and confusing. Anyway it was an amazing recovery.. the whole race was about 15 miles. and we finished in 2 hours and 15min or so.. I think. and that was about 15 min behind the leader. People were still finishing after 3:15 when we left. I cant wait for the next one.. so we can prove ourselves. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Summer...

This summer has been so good.. I love reno in the summer. I went to san diego, and and california other places and up to utah.. and camping.. and to some natural waterslides. and Engineering is always a pleasure. School is going to kill me I have a 7 o clock class.


Fantastic Posted by Picasa

Natural Waterslides Posted by Picasa

Monday, June 20, 2005


Well that was my trip to europe. after these pictures I really didnt take any for a few days until I got to New York again. theres so much to be said about it all. I mean, I think I learned so much. but if you ask me what, Its kinda hard to put my finger on it. I wrote a song about it. and I think that Im going to make a video thingy of the trip and play my song.. so you should ask to see it some time. but I guess the main point of the song is; how its good to go there yourself.

love shane

And I think that If I was looking at these I would go down to the bottom and scroll up.. then the order of things would be a little better

back to london

in london I shared this room with a fellow from france he was super nice.. I wish I would have taken a picture of him. He smoked like no bodies business. Posted by Hello

the water closet

when I was alone I barely took pictures this is a picture in the bathroom at a museum. Posted by Hello

alone again

Back to Paris and London by myself. I really liked this painting.. its at the musee de orse. and I dont know who did it. in paris I stayed at a crazy hostel and made freinds with a heap of people. everyone in the hostel just partied. there was lots of hashshesh from amsterdam and plenty of drinks. it was interesting to get a view on that side of the europian traveling experance. everyone was so nice. Posted by Hello


sierra and holly in luzern. we stayed in the old prison here. and I visited a night club, at 8 in the morning when we woke up.. the club was still hoppin. Posted by Hello

from the top of first.

oh the beauty.. this was such a good bike ride and I even had a really nice bike to ride. Posted by Hello

Friday, June 17, 2005


It was perfect. waterfalls all over the place, mountain chalets. sharalee was actually the only reason we came to this place and we stayed 3 days, we didnt want to leave. Posted by Hello


sierra smith. on the way up a tram.. starting a bike trip. Posted by Hello

the town of grendelwald Posted by Hello

glacer Posted by Hello