Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Process of Sleep

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In the early morning James and I are making deals for sleep, for example;

Me: Fine you get the truck but not the motorcycle.
James: Your not following Dad, this is not a negotiation.
Me: I'm feeling manipulated...
James: You bet you are, but you have no options. No motorcycle No sleep.

Anyway it goes something like that... it gets ugly. I'm pretty much wiped out monetarily until 2030.

Monday, January 19, 2009

James Kelly Dyer

Votes were counted, arguments were made... in the end it was unanimous: James Kelly Dyer is a fantastic name. Strong, a good big brother type name, classic. it can be daring and brave, as well as compassionate and loving. James Kelly is his fathers son: Shane Kelly. Kelly is a family name; and came to Me from John Kelly Bagley. Its has a reputation of strong personality, and ambition. My Dad, Dan Lynn called me Kelly often, and in my mind it was reserved for him, no one else really used my middle name. I plan on calling James by Kelly often aswell. I feel like I can draw strength or perhaps determination just from my name, its important, I have to live up to my name. We intend James Kelly Dyer to be that kind of name.

On other news fronts:
  • Lauren is doing well, she feels like she is not getting enough time just holding the Baby. Im sure she should pace herself.
  • James failed his first hearing test, but the Nurse says lots of babies do and that tommorrow she is fairly confident that he will pass. He still has water in his ears from the womb.
  • We are probably going home tommorrow afternoon.
Other Thoughts from a brand new father: I am so surprized at how nice and easy it feels to be a father. I was envisioning being a total wreck, nervious and unconfident. But the opposite is true, I feel very confident and I'm not afriad or anxious about this new calling. I think that Lauren is the source of my confidence. If i was going to try this alone, I would define overwhelmed. Before the baby came It was all so unreal, I was unable to project my state of being with a newly born child, honestly I just could'nt grasp what having a baby would be like, now that he is here we fall nicely into the roles of father and mother, a seemless transition (loosely stated). I found out that it is in my nature to take care of my family. Its the most important thing I do, and I like it. Amazing. Life changing for certain, but an oddly natural change. With all that said, talk to me in 4 weeks and we'll see if it all has continued to feel normal and natural.

One other comment: I feel like If I was reading this a few years ago or even before Lauren was pregnant I would have felt like I didnt relate or that my lifestyle would not accomidate for a child to be something that would feel so natural. I would have been wrong.


TA DA! little Baby Dyer, Basking in the Heat lamp at the nursery. Hes probably about an hour old at this point. He likes to stretch out, and lay flat, he really looked like he was sun bathing. Hes super sturdy. The nurse commented that he looks and feels like hes a few weeks old. He actually looks different already from birth though. He was "ready" was another nurse comment, his skin was dry, fingers nails long. Hes a good eater as far as we can tell. The name issue still remains, however we are leaning toward James Kelly.

  • 7 pound 13 ounces
  • 20.5 inches long
  • dark hair (fairly full head of it)
  • Born around 2:30 am January 19
  • Approx. 12.5 hours of labor

Mom is doing great. She has already been walking around. Definitely in pain but happy, she is currently asleep. I'm amazed with all the knowledge she has when talking with the nurses and doctors. All the reading has payed off.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dyer Baby Update

Well Laurens doing well still. The baby is getting a little stressed out over the contractions, its making the nurses nervous, so I'm getting a little nervous. But the Doc says we are OK. Hes actually the hospital's in house doctor tonight which is rad cause hes just kinda around and stops in all the time. Now we play the waiting game. Stay tuned...


So We are just relaxing in the labor and delivery room. Doc says 10 more hours. More to come. Ive got some time on my hands.
We made friends with the nurse and she gave us her favorite room. it actually has an amazing view.
Lauren is Doing great.. contractions are only about 3 mins apart. I cant believe this is happening!

Arguably the third biggest day of our lives

Today we are having our baby. I have decided that this is probably the third most important day of my life. Important days:

1. Being Born (must have been a rough day).
2. Getting Married to Lauren (or meeting her, one of the two).
3. My First Child. (who could be white, or brown w/ red, blond, or black hair!)

Lauren did a post of our preparations You should check it out.
You know its really not very comprehensible. I don't even know what to think. I'm really excited. that's about the only emotion that I have nailed down so far.