Wednesday, December 26, 2007

AMG? why have i not heard of these?

So I rode in a new 612 hp...(im not kidding, 612 horses) mercedes s65 AMG. I didnt actually think that they made street legal cars with that much horse power. The new Farrari has a small 540 hp, however the farrari is like 4.2 sec 0-60 and the amg is 4.4 sec 0-60... and there is a porsche 911 GT2 530 hp that does it in like 3.6 secs... anyway I guess its safe to say 612 hp is a rediculus amount of horsepower. My wife was the driver as we rode in the monster car.... yeah... I dont know how that worked out, sad sad...
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Christmas with the Barlow's

This is Mary Foulger, my grandmother in law, we had a big Christmas Dinner up at her and her husbands house for Christmas. Its been a fantastic Christmas here in DC!
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Merry Christmas

From my creepy right eye thats open just a little bit in this picture.
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China Town in the Capitol

We went to Tony Chang's in China town for dinner on the 26th... after our trip to the interactive internation spy museum. we had to take roles and do a role play spy job...(shane = blue beatle). I followed people with moving cameras and audio equipment, diabled 4 cameras with the help of my team, (lup garu...french for werewolf... I dont know how to spell it) I haked a safe, used a polygraph... and consequently kept a nuclear bomb from a terrorist. I should have been a spy. Im thinking about taking it to the next level with "The Ultimate Spy Adventure" it only costs $10,000 for 4 poeple.
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Sunday, December 16, 2007

You bet he's a Cowboy!

Santa in the off season. Among my favorite Christmas decorations in the house.

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Bathroom floor

This is our new bathroom floor, it has yet to be grouted. Its taken so long to get to this point in the remodel... There like little hexagons of light, shining from the end of the tunnel! however the tunnel is like 10 billion miles long, and we aren't even driving we are riding bikes, and there not road bikes, there huffys... which gives you an indication of this rides degree of difficulty.
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