Monday, May 21, 2007

Angels Landing

This is the the very edge of hiking more on the mountaineering side... Ive done a bunch of the climbing stuff but it didn't really help, I was still nervous, maybe more for my wife; one slip and your totally dead. Its such a good hike. they have chains all the way up. I would have preferred ropes, It would have felt safer. I circled some more people if you click on it. This odd sliver of rock is 1500 feet of shear cliff on both side. Truly amazing what God has done. Lee and Jo are in the foreground. They are our good friends(hopefuls for Team Married) and camping partners, very adventurous...

The Magnitude

Here I circled two people in red. You can click on the picture to enlarge it. It kinda gives you an idea of the depth of the narrows. Its unreal... miles and miles of this.
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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Becoming a Man

Along the rite of passage highway which I have been zipping down this year, I found one of my favorite man creating moments to be the purchase of this fine barbecue. It was at a thrift store. I did a graceful job of helping them to see why it should only cost 10 dollars. Its a nice kenmore 3 burner, with a temperature gauge. Im smiling just writing about this excellent piece of equipment.

However I have found 1 glich in the man making perchase. The burners only have a tiny flame, and so I meet perhaps another right of passage; Needing to fulfill my manly duty of "Mr. Fix it"... and not having done so.
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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Graduation Festivities

After Hanging out with Dick Cheney, Gordon B. Hickley, Richard G. Scott, David Bednar, and other accomplished folk we got down and dirty with Dance Dance Revolution. Mom and Dad were killing it!
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Well I Graduated last December. However I walked this last week. My parents came to town... I thought that its a good idea to walk at least once for my college experance. Here you can see that my robe is that of a PhD.. I was feeling pretty sweet with this bad boy on. And with such a good looking wife, It was hard to feel anything but rad.

Im glad that my parents came too. Its nice to have them in town.
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