Saturday, September 23, 2006

Living life: A study of urban life and jovial youth.

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Park city setting

another photo from our 10 photo art show entitled, "Living life; a study of urban life and jovial youthPosted by Picasa

Date Night

This is laurens and my favorite picture from our last date night activity. This photo has alot of interpretations. I like the one where shes hanging out in the light and I have my back to whats really good for me acting cool. She has this kind of.. expectant look saying.. look silly I know were you should be despite your "too cool" nature.  Posted by Picasa

8 man tent

There happens to be an 8 man tent in my bag here. What a party. You might also spot my blue and pink (wet) speedo hanging from the bottom of my pack, confirming the amount of party that camped with us. Posted by Picasa

Diamond fork hotsprings

You can let places like this define you, its like...religion  Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 15, 2006

Stewart Falls

I swear my nose is not this big. Posted by Picasa

What happens

This is what happens if you try to take pictures of Lauren Posted by Picasa

Night Climbing

We actually ment to climb in the day. but it got dark.. so lauren is feeling her way up the rocks.. she looks good.  Posted by Picasa

Fall in all its glory

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