Wednesday, December 26, 2007

AMG? why have i not heard of these?

So I rode in a new 612 hp...(im not kidding, 612 horses) mercedes s65 AMG. I didnt actually think that they made street legal cars with that much horse power. The new Farrari has a small 540 hp, however the farrari is like 4.2 sec 0-60 and the amg is 4.4 sec 0-60... and there is a porsche 911 GT2 530 hp that does it in like 3.6 secs... anyway I guess its safe to say 612 hp is a rediculus amount of horsepower. My wife was the driver as we rode in the monster car.... yeah... I dont know how that worked out, sad sad...
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Christmas with the Barlow's

This is Mary Foulger, my grandmother in law, we had a big Christmas Dinner up at her and her husbands house for Christmas. Its been a fantastic Christmas here in DC!
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Merry Christmas

From my creepy right eye thats open just a little bit in this picture.
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China Town in the Capitol

We went to Tony Chang's in China town for dinner on the 26th... after our trip to the interactive internation spy museum. we had to take roles and do a role play spy job...(shane = blue beatle). I followed people with moving cameras and audio equipment, diabled 4 cameras with the help of my team, (lup garu...french for werewolf... I dont know how to spell it) I haked a safe, used a polygraph... and consequently kept a nuclear bomb from a terrorist. I should have been a spy. Im thinking about taking it to the next level with "The Ultimate Spy Adventure" it only costs $10,000 for 4 poeple.
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Sunday, December 16, 2007

You bet he's a Cowboy!

Santa in the off season. Among my favorite Christmas decorations in the house.

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Bathroom floor

This is our new bathroom floor, it has yet to be grouted. Its taken so long to get to this point in the remodel... There like little hexagons of light, shining from the end of the tunnel! however the tunnel is like 10 billion miles long, and we aren't even driving we are riding bikes, and there not road bikes, there huffys... which gives you an indication of this rides degree of difficulty.
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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New York

We went to New york this last week to visit Dan and Minna. These 3 photos where taken by Minna, you have to look at her blog: ( she is an incredible photographer. She took this picture of Lauren and I aswell. I became better friends with Hannah and Jane (shown above) they are so fun, Hannah gets so excited, its so fun to watch her. It was a super trip. We went into Manhattan and spent a day wondering around the shops. I like really like SOHO. I had a great time examining all the old building and wood floors and paint work, it made me feel good about our house. We are doing a very profession job on the renovations. We also had lunch at Bobby Flay’s restaurant the mesa grill ( It was good to be with Dan and Minna. We need to figure out a way to be together more often.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Newest family member

We call her Wilma
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Getting my halloween on!

My loving Sister recently brought to my attention; that with my newly forming beard I look like Roy from the office. I resent this, however Im very willing to take advantage of the comparison for halloween. (We dont really look that much alike, plus hes more or less a villian... solidifying our differences)
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Brian and I decided to go and practice rolling... It was a cold day, it snowed in the morning and evening, which makes flipping upsidedown in a kayak a breathtaking experience. So breath taking infact that every time I did flip I felt as though I was drowning... not practicing. we also dont have neoprene gloves, adding complication to the complicated activity.
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Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Wedding at Perry Cabin

Allison & Geremy Chelius are hitched... They had the ceremony at Perry Cabin in St. Micheals Maryland. Its on the Chesapeake Bay. It was an amazingly picturesque setting. It was a traditional ceremony right on the water. Talk about a fun weekend. (and tiger woods was there)
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Sunday, September 23, 2007

The mostly finished living room

After 3 layers of wall paper, smelly carpet, 8 hours with a wickedly large drum sander, plaster work, 4 new layers of paint, 1 layer of stain, and 3 layers of polyurathane.... behold our living room. (see my mothers blog for more of a play by play: ) And the picture dosent really catch the colors, but its nice.
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1976 Honda CB 550

Pure Style, complete with hand knit moccasines. We went for a sunday afternoon cruise on my new bike.
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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Its kinda un real..

It makes it almost not scary at all because its hard to believe that your really just gliding around with your own little set of wings.. its quiet too.. its like riding your bike fast but no other noise except the wind.

in the upper left you can see how high we got.. pretty darn high.. high enough that hieght didnt matter..
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Here is my wife.. in her caccoon.. right before takeoff. she was screaming as it lifted.. I was a very pround husband.
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2000 ft

We went hanggliding! It was so sweet. They dragged me up to 2000 ft and let me go. I had an instructor strapped to me.. which was 100% good cause its a little bit intimidating. however I flew the kite (even behind the plane) except for some wild moves...stalls, dives, etc. and he also landed it.

It was really something. here you can see lauren getting towed up in the air behind a little "sport lite" its like an ultra lite...
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Sunday, July 15, 2007


This a what my typical surf pictures look like.. myron is there.. I have a longer wide tongued board myron has his shorter board. This was taken at Huntington. we surfed newport too... however huntington was better this trip. (see november 28th 2005 in the archives)
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California Tree

I think this one is called the california tree.. lauren on the left amanda looking up and myron on the right.. this was a very big tree. however it is not as big as old grizzly.. which is the largest living single organizm in the world ( so it said on the sign.. (we saw him too)
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Lower Yosemite Falls

Here you can see myron (bottom blue shorts) and myself (top white belt, not to be confused with the man in the red shorts) in the lower yosemite falls.. ussually you would not want to be standing here cause the falls are so huge.. however this year there is almost no water. Myron actually took a massive face plant to get us all in the water. We were jumping from rock to rock and he bit it.. if you get the chance you should have him show you the video.. its funny. Th girls got in here too.. the water was SO cold. beyond cold.
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Dont leave your wallet in the Seat!!

In Irvine during a sacrament meeting on our fantastic road trip we were robbed! they spent 1000 or so dollars in the 45 mins (give or take) it took me to cancel my credit cards! bummer. We were staying with Amy and Brain (thanks) and the night before they told us irvine was the safest city in the US three years running ... doubly ironically after the break in, lauren and I have been looking into perhaps moving there for a few months (probably closer to the beach if we do it). We do love California.
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Annual Yosemite Visit

One year back we were un married and in Yosemite at this same spot!
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Tuesday, July 03, 2007


On the bottom right we have Brian Todd in the way back with lauren and I up front.. along with Jo and the mighty lee over on the left.
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Rock Canyon

Red Pointed this one... but Im not going to say what it was rated.
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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hello Northwest!!

Shane came home today with an envelope addressed to Shane and Lauren Dyer, so I grabbed it and I looked inside to find 2 tickets to Oregon!(disguised cleverly as concert tickets) I am extra super duper happy about this as my sister Annie and her husband Jake will be meeting up with us, and we get to see Dan and Minna and the kids! Shane is the best husband ever, and it was great news after finding out that we're being evicted from our apartment, and the house we were buying fell through. So, at least from July 3rd to the 8th we will not be homeless - we will be on vacation!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Golf = Blood Sweat and Tears

Golf... I find golf to be a very difficult game. Its heart crushing, and yet so satisfying. In these photographs Lauren and I battled it out on a short course (par3 and 4 only)... it was a tough game. In the end she won by 4 strokes. Her best clubs: The Putter and her trusty 1 wood, (she got fantastic 2002 Womens Callaway C4) . My best clubs: The 7 and 8 irons. I only lost one ball!

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