Monday, June 20, 2005


Well that was my trip to europe. after these pictures I really didnt take any for a few days until I got to New York again. theres so much to be said about it all. I mean, I think I learned so much. but if you ask me what, Its kinda hard to put my finger on it. I wrote a song about it. and I think that Im going to make a video thingy of the trip and play my song.. so you should ask to see it some time. but I guess the main point of the song is; how its good to go there yourself.

love shane

And I think that If I was looking at these I would go down to the bottom and scroll up.. then the order of things would be a little better

back to london

in london I shared this room with a fellow from france he was super nice.. I wish I would have taken a picture of him. He smoked like no bodies business. Posted by Hello

the water closet

when I was alone I barely took pictures this is a picture in the bathroom at a museum. Posted by Hello

alone again

Back to Paris and London by myself. I really liked this painting.. its at the musee de orse. and I dont know who did it. in paris I stayed at a crazy hostel and made freinds with a heap of people. everyone in the hostel just partied. there was lots of hashshesh from amsterdam and plenty of drinks. it was interesting to get a view on that side of the europian traveling experance. everyone was so nice. Posted by Hello


sierra and holly in luzern. we stayed in the old prison here. and I visited a night club, at 8 in the morning when we woke up.. the club was still hoppin. Posted by Hello

from the top of first.

oh the beauty.. this was such a good bike ride and I even had a really nice bike to ride. Posted by Hello

Friday, June 17, 2005


It was perfect. waterfalls all over the place, mountain chalets. sharalee was actually the only reason we came to this place and we stayed 3 days, we didnt want to leave. Posted by Hello


sierra smith. on the way up a tram.. starting a bike trip. Posted by Hello

the town of grendelwald Posted by Hello

glacer Posted by Hello

Icing on the cake

The hostel we stayed in even had a guitar. shoot man.. can it get better? yep.. breakfast was included and it actually filled me up. Posted by Hello


On to Grendelwald. this was my favortie place on the whole eruope trip. it was so rad. so rad. like a strange non-exsistance place that only dreams and trips to far away places are made of. Posted by Hello


Interlocken we hiked to the top of the mountains on this side of the valley this day. it was so beautifulPosted by Hello

Looks like ice in the water

We would get our food and then go to a super rad spot to eat most days. this is a super rad spot. Posted by Hello


I ate lots of bread and bannanas and yogurt and cheese. Posted by Hello


I was alone for a while before I met up with these two girls Holly and Sierra. It was a weird day. I really wanted to met them so I didnt have to be alone for the rest of my trip. and they emailed and said that they would be in lousanne on a certain day leaving from paris so I went there to meet the train and they werent on it. I really didnt know what to do at that point. And for some reason I felt so lonely. If you ever have the chance have me read my journal entry to you.. I went out of the sation and sat on a bench. And I staired at the space between me and all the buildings. then I turned on my I pod to nullify time. I think that I was listening to Death cab for cutie Transatlanticism. it was so interesting. I just started writing.. I dont think that I have ever been that kind of lonely. I finally made up my mind to go to Interlocken and hope they wanted to meet up still. but I ended up meeting them before I left. here we are in interlocken Posted by Hello

Kim only, not kimburly

Kim Webb is burping in this photo. Posted by Hello


Morgan Edwards, is so fun to talk to. and her boyfreind hit my truck. Posted by Hello


Its hard to try and say how rad these areas were. This is a picture from the USU study abroad place in leysin Posted by Hello

USU abroad

I met up with my USU freinds in Leysin. Posted by Hello

Castles and Vines

This was a castle on the way to leysin up in the Alps.. we had to go through moutreux.. the whole place around geneva lake (big lake) was amazing. Posted by Hello


Geneva was sweet. here I am with a rented hog and my right pant leg up.. which means im not showing off, becuase my left calf is bigger and more show-y then my right. those pants were courtesy of Jeromy. and I wore them all the time. Geneva was in the french part of switzerland. they speak italian, french, and german there. its crazy that they just dont have a national langauge. In the background of this picture you can see a whopper of a gyser. it was neat. Posted by Hello

A holy moment

so I got a picture of me while I was praying, seriouly I was thinking something was different. But I didnt know that I was shinning. I wish you could see this crazy sculpture there were layers of designs. It was amazing. (vienna) Posted by Hello

President N. Nazarbayev

I was sitten there in vienna checken out some super old sewer works and such, when the president of Kazakhstan shows up. I didnt even notice the long line of expencive black cars. It was the camera man that tipped me off. where the heck is kazakhstan, and dosent this dude look asian? I dont know.. I hope I dont get shot for say that.. But seriouly you should have seen the size of his thug on the left. the dude with the beard. the pres. is in the middle. left of pink girl. Posted by Hello

Vienna a vision of class

vienna was rad. It was much like germany in that It was really clean. There was tons of history that of couse, I only breezed over. We saw heaps of bones under the main catherdral. it was crazy.. but no pictures cause those bones wanna Rest In Peace. This picture is the fateful fountain where I decided to dip my feet in the water. It was kinda pond like water but quite nice and very refreshing, from that point on my chacos (sandels) smelled much worse then death. until I soaked them for 8 hours in soapy water a week or so later. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Matching green mats

we slept in this hallway for free at a hostel. there is my fearless travel partner brian, we had matching green blowup pool mattereses.. it was cute Posted by Hello