Tuesday, August 29, 2006

FHE with team Dyer

Night swimming in tahoe a favorite Dyer past time.. this beach was the site of Keriannes First real kiss. Its call Aztec and Its near sand harbor.. north lake nevada side Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 28, 2006


this is my determined look.. I rarely look more determined. and apparently my mothers brain is so good that it glows. Posted by Picasa

Fearless leader

pops is asking if we are swimming all the way across the lake and back or just across. He was all about there and back.  Posted by Picasa

duct tape

moms suit held out the elements.. mostly.  Posted by Picasa


dad put his suit on backwards..  Posted by Picasa


This is a great shot of derek. head frist on the 3rd slide.  Posted by Picasa


heres my sis on the second slide.. this water was COLD.. so refreshing Posted by Picasa


this is a deep deep pool.. no one I know has touched the bottom.  Posted by Picasa

washington california

this one was good cause you had to jump out to make it.. and its high.  Posted by Picasa


this was far from being a climbing rope.. and it was slick! It help make it all the more interesting Posted by Picasa

So. Yuba River

I saved this kids life here.. literaly.. he was falling off the cliff and I grabbed him. I felt very accomplished. this is by far the scary-ist slide at these slides. You are sitting in a water falling and you cant see.. its so loud.. it looks like a small spray.. but when you head is in there.. its hard.. and then the water is only 5.5 feet deep.. so you have to hit and slam to the ground. its amazing.. quite the rush.  Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


 Posted by Picasa


lincoln monument Posted by Picasa

the moon

roosevelt monument...  Posted by Picasa

lincoln monument...

fantastic..  Posted by Picasa

The Battlefield

looking over the ware zone..  Posted by Picasa

Barlow Knoll

We did a war tour in gettysberg.. it was awesome. we had this old fellow who drove our car talked until he was blue in the face... he was the 70 year old teacher type, I learned a whole bunch.. Posted by Picasa


The Outer banks North Carolina is an awesome .. We stayed in a beach house for a few days.. with the barlows Posted by Picasa


Fantasic hair.. Posted by Picasa


We when to wicked in New york.. lauren is so attractive... Posted by Picasa

The Biters

the people at volcom are biters check this picaso out.. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 13, 2006

guitar sharing time

half the kids there could play.. at least a little bit.. cousins and music = good Posted by Picasa


if we congrigate like this we become marrage talk targets Posted by Picasa

in sync

keri and i soloing.. you can spot my cigs (cliff bar) rolled into my sleve... Posted by Picasa

who knew

best move in keri and I's solo.. Posted by Picasa