Monday, February 19, 2007

The Lovely Desert

Here we have peterified sand dunes. But since petrified is such a hard word to spell we will call them "Ancient hardened Sand mounds" Posted by Picasa

In search of a camp spot

Saint George does not do much to fasilitate no budget campers. They make everything "day use only" and in the parks you have to pay for a camp site. But since the 4 of us pay our taxes (and therefore own the country) we camp whereever we please... the key is hideing the car.  Posted by Picasa

Presidents Day Weekend Strikes Again!

This weekend 2006 lauren and I took this same road trip with; myron, and lee. She impressed me.. she didnt complain.. and it was cold. (we camped). this year we did a version of the same trip. with Lee, jo, lauren, and I. It was an amazing trip. I love road trips, camping, adventure and Lauren. so you can imagine how good of a trip that it must have been. Posted by Picasa