Saturday, August 04, 2007

Its kinda un real..

It makes it almost not scary at all because its hard to believe that your really just gliding around with your own little set of wings.. its quiet too.. its like riding your bike fast but no other noise except the wind.

in the upper left you can see how high we got.. pretty darn high.. high enough that hieght didnt matter..
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Here is my wife.. in her caccoon.. right before takeoff. she was screaming as it lifted.. I was a very pround husband.
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2000 ft

We went hanggliding! It was so sweet. They dragged me up to 2000 ft and let me go. I had an instructor strapped to me.. which was 100% good cause its a little bit intimidating. however I flew the kite (even behind the plane) except for some wild moves...stalls, dives, etc. and he also landed it.

It was really something. here you can see lauren getting towed up in the air behind a little "sport lite" its like an ultra lite...
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