Thursday, January 31, 2008


The demolition team hard at work

Razorblades found in the wall behind the extracted mirror

Progress slow and steady.. stay tuned for restoration hardware's atomosphere blue walls .. and a pivot mirror in the gaping mirror hole. notice the bead board and the flipped over trim... I was super happy about redoing the trim it was like... getting kicked in the shin...or getting your eye poked just hard enough to make it ache for a good while. signed: -the building crew, and plumber

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Jungle Safari

Last night we went to the Jazz vs. Kings game and then to the Anniversary Inn, courtesy of my engineering firm. Luckily I own a little leopard print number, left over from putting together Sheldon's special tool kit for honeymoon. I had everything under control.

Our waterfall, and you can see the bed up in the loft (top left)

The jetted tub was under the elepant and if you look under his neck you can see a shower head.

We spent the night climbing around the rocks.

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Deep Thoughts by Shane Dyer..

Shane made the following statement last night to one of our friends in complete seriousness and with all sincerity.

"But Katie, crafting is happy time, not snappy time!"

I just thought I would share.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tea & Cake

Oh how I miss London. My friend Jamie came over today for some Herbal Mint Tea and Lemon Pound Cake (which sadly collapsed and I'm not sure why), and it was so nice to catch up - London style. I think I'll make it a weekly event, but next time we'll do traditional High Tea with sandwiches and scones.

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Classic with a splash of modern

This puppy ended up taking me the better part of a saturday to get in. I love our faucet, its a marrage between my desire for a modern look with laurens love of traditional east coast styling. Those folks at kolhler are brilliant. There is however one problem with this picture. someone put the molding on the top of the bead board up side down...

My question to the reader: must i flip it over? its such a pain.
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Up and Coming

This painting now graces our living room. The paiting is from a fantastic artist who should soon contract with a gallery. You can also catch a glimpse of our new roman blinds. Thank goodness for ikea.
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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Thank you Carrie for our bag of delicious goodies (Apple Cake Muffins pictured here). I love baking! I love the smell, and the way my kitchen warms up, and the way it makes you feel good inside. I have loved making all of these yummy muffins, and it has inspired me to create my own recipes. (we have muffins almost every morning for breakfast) So, thank you for such a thoughtful gift that has brought so much happiness to my kitchen!

P.S. Shane would also like for me to mention that this is my first official post on this blog.
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Monday, January 14, 2008

Thank You

The holidays are sadly over and life has returned to the Lauren and Shane Dyer normality (which is perhaps far from normal). In retrospect I don’t think that I have properly expressed gratitude for my in-laws. Christmas at the Barlows (Typical form pictured below) is so fun. It hard to express proper thanks for such a generous family, a sincere thank you seems lacking in this case. I need something a more like: a shot gun with thank you bullets, that would probably do it…however that seems dangerous. Lauren suggested a thank you fire work. Perhaps a thank you banner that made noise by itself… maybe too annoying. A thank you cake… too typical. A thank you hug?, Dinner?, Song?... I don’t know. What shows a person’s most sincere thanks? I’m just not sure.

( A man who is serious about thank you's)
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