Thursday, December 03, 2009

Hunker Down

I was talking with my little sister today and she inspired some interesting thoughts. One of her comments was:

“It’s strange that there is so much to see and do and people get bored, everywhere people are bored”

The conversation actually started about two minimalist blogs: and I think there are good things you can take from their ideas.

So to my point—sometimes in my desire to travel and see the world and essentially do everything there is to do. I think that I miss things here and now. It makes me want to hunker down and use my hands, love my people. Buy some land, plant crops and raise chickens.

Speaking of Chickens, that one seems to have hit the tipping point. Seems like everyone has chickens, everyone wants a ranch-ette or an urban mini farm. It’s all coming back to grass roots. People seem to be turning back to their cultures. There is so much to explore and do just in the USA, just in the west, just in Utah, in my neighborhood, in my yard, in my house. It urges me to go spend time at home with my wife and child, with my family and friends.

For some reason it gives me the desire to build watches. And to put my homemade Dyer Family Symbol on everything, and go have long slow conversations with old people.