Friday, March 31, 2006


gatalajara ws very eroupian in feel. its was clean and well layed out. I really liked it. it has 7 million people.  Posted by Picasa
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We went to a very scientifically popular volcano. It is very ready to blow. and these are some of the kids that I made a presentation to. they are second year engineers. It was so fun.  Posted by Picasa


Zacatecas was an amazing city and the nearest to the rio san jaun with I was modeling and will continue to model. in collaboration with the Unversity of Zacatecas for my masters work.  Posted by Picasa


It was very spectacular. Here i'm on the temple of the moon looking down the avenue of the dead. The temple of the sun in the back left. if only we could se it for the blink of an eye in its prime.
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some tombs in teotewachan Posted by Picasa
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Mexico city police force.

I was a solid foot taller than any police women
warren this other fellow was my roommate for 9 days.
he is a lingist, with a chemical engineering degree and
hes getting is enviromental Engineering deg.
29 years old and so very interesting. We became great freinds Posted by Picasa

Engineeing in Mexico

So I went to mexico with BYU for some engineeringthis is a poster of some of the results of my work.Our posters were presented at a confrence down inzacatecas. Posted by Picasa

Night Hike

We had a great night hike last full moon. its was perfect out.. Posted by Picasa