Monday, October 26, 2009

Kelly D.

We did the Thanksgiving point Scare Crow Festival with Lee, Jo, and Soren.
James and I spent some time on these peddle carts. He was a natural.
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Monday, October 12, 2009


In all our glory - Together we are the equivalent of a 154 year old athletic she-man! with 11 kids, 4 houses, 9 cars, plus 1 dog. I love my siblings.

  • Shara - Was laughing too hard to do anything but jump.
  • keri - Wonderwomen and will probably save an entire 3rd world country.
  • Dan - How does he keep his shirt tucked in? amazing.
  • Jeromy - Gap Model
  • Shane - Just spilt an invisable tight rope and is impacting... painfully

Nielson Ponds

Here is one of my projects. Its a 200 acre foot p0nd.. when I say pond I mean small lake. Easily big enough for multiple boats and water skiers. Its been a fun one for me. (It is empty in these pictures.) It has 2 embankments that combined are a little under 1200 feet long.

I always wonder what people really do for work. I design dams and pipelines, and any water structures, review canal systems to make sure they work, design culverts and such. I do studies on stream and river capacities. I design Fish ladders, spillways, diversions, weirs, flumes.. and things like that. This happens to be the same thing my dad does.. but add more soils and mining...

Stats for Dad:
  • 27 feet of head
  • 3:1 upstream
  • 2:1 downstream
  • Filtered toe drain w/ 8 inch slotted ADS separated in to left and right
  • its a homogeneous clay compacted at 95% Standard proctor
  • the clays optimum moisture is around 18% It was hard to keep it that wet
  • riprap D50 = 6 inch (I submitted a memo to Dam safety with wave analysis to get it that small and saved $40,000)
  • 10' bottom width spillway 3 to 1 side slopes 3 feet deep with a 3 foot concrete cutoff ripraped for 50'. Max Q = about 264 cfs
  • 15 inch outlet conduit - which fills and empties the reservoir from another control reservoir that I'm redoing. with a sand collar and a 4 inch drain pipe seperate from the 2 toe drains
  • its off stream and has essentailly no water shed.
  • around 23,000 CY to build. (it was an enlargement of a smaller dam not meeting any dam saftey requirments.