Saturday, May 07, 2005

The Truth of the Matter

On a fine summer afternoon in the basement of my families red brick home, I was boxing with my brother. There were friends and fellow fighters gathered around to watch and feel the excitement as young blooded boys took there first hits to the face. My brother thought it would be clever to hit me square in the nose directly after knocking gloves before the fight. Knocking gloves is mush like shaking hands, and is usually accompanied by words of advice and direction from the referee such as; “let’s have a good clean fight”. The move was defiantly clever; I saw stars and stumbled backwards to the glass sliding door. I hit the glass and oozed to the floor, like a wet paper towel hitting the wall and slowly slipping downward. It was the only Knock Out of the after noon, and I had to go look in the mirror to make sure my nose wasn’t flat because it felt that way.
In truth my brother owes me nothing, but this essay is for a buddy pass on Jet Blue airways, which will be the first leg in a summer trip to Europe. Therefore I need to make him feel as though I deserve a pass.
While applying for a job with an internet company my brother made a list or reasons why that particular employer should hire him, the list was witty and smart. Among the items on the list was; “because I don’t wear dress socks with shorts like my little brother”
I’m a very confident boy and dress socks look great with shorts, but using me like that, I just felt so exploited.
From my younger years among my memories Montana, I have fond recollections of playing catch. I loved to go out and play catch in our big back yard with my brother but the end of our catch paying episodes were always abrupt and a little embarrassing. When he was done playing catch with me instead of saying that he was done, he would throw the ball way over my head. Then as I ran with my back to him to go and get the ball he would go inside so when I turned around I would be abandoned.
Once again my brother owes me nothing, I just kinda feel like this buddy pass would strengthen our relasonship, plus Ive never been to New York, and I wieght alot, therefore I have concluded that the reason I desearve a buddy pass more than others is... That I dont really, I dont desearve half the stuff I get and I cant even spell. So, hopefully there has been reason enough shown here to award me with buddy status.

thank you
shane k

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