Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Unseen Images

The new Family went to the Bahamas. These are rare photos and comprise 99 percent of all honeymoon photos taken by the New Dyers while in the Bahamas...
Newly married Shane is in awe at how much he enjoys being married. Newly married Lauren does not like her husband to make her go to class. She is however Loving Married life. And finds herself Blown away by the easy and natural transition both the newlyweds have felt in their new life together.


sandeebeaches said...

The, what fun. congrats you two. So sorry we didn't make the reception, we heard nothing but wonderful things. Good luck in your new life together. You'll love married life. We do.
Darron & Sandee Nilsson

Hey Maughan said...

Shane, Shane, Shane. Married Man. Crazy! We were so very very sad to miss the wedding festivities entirely. It wittled down one event at a time...from our initial high hopes of visiting our old stomping grounds for your wedding, to the more feasible plan of attending the Reno reception, to the very sad reality of missing it all. You have to know we are still in your fan club, and Lauren's too. We are bonded to her in a very tight way now that she has seen our messy garage. Anyway, we wish you both huge happiness, and will coordinate a visit with you guys on our very unexpected trip to Utah next week...!!!