Sunday, June 22, 2008

The End Product

What do you think? Im done redoing my
74 Honda CB 550 Supersport...

Notice the new front fender, Thanks Grant!
I picked a blue that sparkles just a touch.
I painted the exhaust manifold matte Black

The pipe has an insert, without it is so amazingly loud.

The mirror paint matches the paint on the exhast manifold.
The gauges are chrome (switched from black).
I finally worked out an electrical problem with the headlight.
The blinkers are after market, (thanks again to the McCalebs).
New Clubman Bars, (cafe racer handle bars)

And its wicked fast...
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Kerianne said...

ha... are you sure its wicked fast?

Well, maybe, but last time I saw it ridden, it was going so slow, Carrie fell off it.

I do attest to the fact that it looks great. How do I know you ask? I am the freeloader at the Dyer house.

Grantholomew said...

The front fender looks so much better.

Christy Dyer said...

Wow! When did you get that all done? You must be working around the clock with all your projects. It looks really good. It's nice to see a new blog...I check everyday!

Ben and Shara said...

You might want to look into attaching a side car. I understand they are awesome and it would be cook to carry your new little budding family in it as well. seriously, do you know where youI can find one?

Geremy said...

Shane that looks awesome I love the matte finish. I think that is such a cool look. Looks really fun to ride. Makes me want to take my windsheild off my bike cooler look.

dustin dewey wickham said...

That thing is sweet Shane! It's pretty rad that we both have similar bikes and neither of us knew about the other. Too bad that we aren't closer because we could have a great time raising hell around town with our Jap cafe racers. I dunno if you see others like your down in Provo but there aren't many up here in Logan.