Thursday, December 04, 2008

Ski Season

I'm starting to feel a slightly anxious feeling, and I know the cure!
More then once this last week I have found myself down in the laundry room just fiddling with all the Goods. If its gonna be cold, there needs to be snow.
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Ben and Shara said...

Okay seriously, what? What in the h- e- double hockey sticks are you doing with all those skis? Tell me they aren't all yours?

Lauren Dyer said...

4 of them are mine, and very sadly they won't see any use this season.

Actually, I am hoping for some post-baby runs.

candicerail said...

I thought the same thing with the number of skis.

For their pledge drive, KUED (Public Television) was showing a documentary called "Alta".

I understand the salivating thing.

If you need someone to use your lonely skis, Lauren, I would volunteer.