Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I Had a Dream Last Night

I was with the doctor and I had to cut my hand off. The doc wanted me to do it, he was sure that It was less painful to have me do it. I did it with a reciprocating saw. Turns out it didn’t hurt that much, kinda like a sharp pinch at first and then buttery through the rest of the arm. Then they hooked a new hand on, it was a black dudes hand and worked surprisingly well for not being my original hand.

My interpretation:

The government is totally, ridiculously, fiscally irresponsible. My Grandchildren are broke, and they aren’t even born.

Ok, maybe my interpretation is slightly unrelated. Feel free to interperate, but my gut tells me my interpretation is fact.

Luckly for my unborn grandchild if I buy a GM Automobile and lose my job, GM will pay my full car payment each month for a year so I can keep my nice new car. Wait, GM is broke...

me = upset, paying other peoples mortgages and car payments.


Annie and Jake said...

I would agree that was an accurate interpretation.

Candice said...

I read that book about the guy who cut his own arm off to survive a hiking trip in Utah.

It was not quite as easy and 'buttery' as your experience.

Snake said...

GM= Government Motors. Eh?

nicole said...

Yeah, I am not really sure why someone would buy a new car if they are that afraid of losing their job.

And let's not get started on how much I love paying excessive amounts of taxes to pick up the bill on other people's mortgages, so that I can't afford a house of my own.

It all just makes so darn much sense, right?

Anonymous said...

My interpretation is that you are frustrated at the advice of others, yet in your reluctance to follow that advice you often find that it is an acceptable outcome even though it is not the one you had hoped for.


Buy your brother a GM and then if you loose your job, his payments will be covered. Oh, and pay his mortgage too.

love you sis