Friday, June 19, 2009

Saint George

This is a fun bouldering spot.

This looks weak, But I was scared every time I did it. It looks bigger as your going off it. Thanks to Brian T. for this shot. He went off it too.

The Williams and Lisonbees came down... I wanted to put pictures of the whole gang, but all I had was us in swim suits, and Lauren was not going to let those pictures fly... Fun weekend.


Candice said...

That does NOT look weak. With flesh ripping shale-ish rock around you, that does NOT look weak. You guys are awesome.

Drew said... hero.

That looks awesome!

Christy Dyer said...

You haven't lost it Shane! You are as good as ever, probably a little more careful as you are a daddy.

Lauren Dyer said...

Look at you! James is definitly his dad's son. And, it doesnt look weak. Nobody who cares about their personal safety should do the things you do on bikes.