Monday, July 20, 2009

Global Warming

31,478 American scientists have signed this petition, including 9,029 with PhDs.

It says global warming science is bogus.

I went to an engineering conference and this big wig Phd engineer
from Seattle who is the authority on projecting the effects of global warming on engineering water projects gave a seminar. He taught us how to project the effects of global warming using existing models. At the end of his speech he showed us some slides on the temperature. Interestingly He doesn't believe in global warming, as a matter of fact he said we should be far more concerned in his opinion about it getting cold. This from the guy who gets payed huge sums of money to predict global warming effects, in his defense all he did was apply the global warming predictions made by other scientists to engineering projects, a capitalist.

Read the Scientific article that goes with the petition, its interesting:

As I side note I don't claim to know the truth about global warming. There's too many experts saying too many things... If you follow the money it looks dirty. I don't personally believe it, but who knows i could be wrong.


Candice said...

I do not know either. I am so tired of scare tactics and agendas.

I feel so bad that I missed you today. Andrew said that he called several times, and I, of course, did not hear the ring in the din of the parade preview.

See you at the Reunion!

G-rant said...

I recently signed that petition.

Myro said...