Friday, September 18, 2009

Yamaha xt 500 - I think.

BIG NEWS - I got another motorcycle for FREE! It pays to do Engineering Design work for ranchers! I'm building this fellow 2 dams. I was at his ranch the other day and he gave me this Motorcycle. I'm not sure if its a 1978 or 79 or 80.. I think its a 79 and I think its a 500cc.

So I have a new project! This bike is going to shine! first major overhauls;
  • clean the collaborator (there's only 1!) my cb 550 had 4 stinking carbs
  • the handle bars need to go
  • the seat will be recovered
  • new plastic up front
  • paint
  • new break light
  • fork boots
Oh right and I have to make sure It will even run.... I love motorcycle projects


Candice said...

I do not know what I think is cooler...the dams, or the fact that you can rebuild anything. You are awesome.

Christy Dyer said...

Candice's comments are true! youi are cool to engineer and to rebuild anything! Good job Shane!