Monday, October 12, 2009


In all our glory - Together we are the equivalent of a 154 year old athletic she-man! with 11 kids, 4 houses, 9 cars, plus 1 dog. I love my siblings.

  • Shara - Was laughing too hard to do anything but jump.
  • keri - Wonderwomen and will probably save an entire 3rd world country.
  • Dan - How does he keep his shirt tucked in? amazing.
  • Jeromy - Gap Model
  • Shane - Just spilt an invisable tight rope and is impacting... painfully


Lauren Dyer said...

Hahahahaha! I love your analysis.

Candice said...

The tight rope comment was my favorite. If you did that thing in the old Gap commercials where the people jump and freeze in the air, followed by the camera doing a 360 degree frozen shot with them (ala Matrix which I have never seen) you would truly outshine any Gap commercial I have ever seen...not just gorgeous Jeromy. I think Dan is your video expert. You should have him do that next family reunion.

Ben and Shara said...

nice one. what is amazing is that we are all jumping on a slope and you are still managing to jump at keri and I height. What I'm really saying is, "how do I get this massive body off the ground, ummpfpf, grunt."

Kerianne said...

9 cars? You sure?