Sunday, September 27, 2009

Friday, September 18, 2009


Lauren is now the same age I was when we got married... What a Women!

Yamaha xt 500 - I think.

BIG NEWS - I got another motorcycle for FREE! It pays to do Engineering Design work for ranchers! I'm building this fellow 2 dams. I was at his ranch the other day and he gave me this Motorcycle. I'm not sure if its a 1978 or 79 or 80.. I think its a 79 and I think its a 500cc.

So I have a new project! This bike is going to shine! first major overhauls;
  • clean the collaborator (there's only 1!) my cb 550 had 4 stinking carbs
  • the handle bars need to go
  • the seat will be recovered
  • new plastic up front
  • paint
  • new break light
  • fork boots
Oh right and I have to make sure It will even run.... I love motorcycle projects

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


We had an Amazing Family Reunion where the whole family minus a few hardy folks got horribly sick. We managed however to play way to much 'Ticket to Ride' and Shoot a 2 liter bottle 150 feet in the air. Maybe higher, we were afraid of going over 85 psi on the bottle, I didn't want to pick plastic shrapnel out of my face. Anyway there was all sorts of other things we did, guns, 4 wheelers, swimming, shopping for watches.

  • I am getting to a place where a highlight of vacations and reunions are definitely the kids.
  • It seems that playing with cousin is about as fun as life gets. I always look forward to time with cousins. I wonder why this is.
  • As I watch the young kids play I realize how old I am, and how old I must seem to them.
  • Hunger Games is a good book.