Thursday, February 11, 2010

Preping for the Big week

Next week is National Engineers Week. (its always the 3rd full week of February) its in conjunction with George Washington's birthday because President Washington is considered the nation's first engineer, notably for his survey work.

My suggestions on ways to celebrate:
  • Kissing your engineer, or an engineer.
  • Asking them interesting engineering questions, that they might know the answer to. (act amazed and interested)
  • Looking carefully at something that was engineered and marvel.
  • Buy your husband a New Car.
ta da... A quick and easy list for anyone to celebrate the next very important week.


Ben and Shara said...

these are great suggestions to celebrate such an important week, now . . . if I only knew an engineer.

Carrie said...

We're having some friends over for dinner on Sunday and he's an engineer, can I kiss him?

Snake said...

I ain't kissin' no engineer. Plus, you're too far away anyway.

Jon + Kat said...

I think my hubby might get a little jealous if I went around kissing engineers. I do enjoy a good stare and marvel though.