Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mexican Riviera



Puerta V.

Back From Vacation
Various Noteworthy Activities may have included;
  • Playing with a Baby Lion
  • Sneeking onto crew decks and interesting levels of our 110,000 ton Boat
  • Buying and losing a pair of Fantastic Fake Ray Bans
  • Trying to Bamboosal the Black Market Rolex Sales folk
  • Discovering "Angry birds" the game, thank you Christian and Andrew
  • Eating the left side of multiple (more then one) menus
It was a wonderful trip. We saw some amazing things.


Keri said...

That is more like it! Awesome. Laur showed me all the pics. Sounds like a singular experience.

Christy Dyer said...

So glad you could go. I want to see more pictures!

Mary Martha said...

Lauren got some great pics. so much fun being together