Friday, June 17, 2005


I was alone for a while before I met up with these two girls Holly and Sierra. It was a weird day. I really wanted to met them so I didnt have to be alone for the rest of my trip. and they emailed and said that they would be in lousanne on a certain day leaving from paris so I went there to meet the train and they werent on it. I really didnt know what to do at that point. And for some reason I felt so lonely. If you ever have the chance have me read my journal entry to you.. I went out of the sation and sat on a bench. And I staired at the space between me and all the buildings. then I turned on my I pod to nullify time. I think that I was listening to Death cab for cutie Transatlanticism. it was so interesting. I just started writing.. I dont think that I have ever been that kind of lonely. I finally made up my mind to go to Interlocken and hope they wanted to meet up still. but I ended up meeting them before I left. here we are in interlocken Posted by Hello

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