Sunday, June 12, 2005


Well we (brain todd wiliams and shane kelly dyer) started our trip in New York and visited Dan and Minna and Hanna. New york was great. There was so much to see. and we stayed in manhatten one night with Liz R. and Alison C., we got yelled at for getting on a roof, and then next night we stayed at Dans. Dan and minna were so good to us. Then we cruzed on to london. I liked london. it was an easy way to ease into eroupe, with everyone speaking english. spent a night in an ally and then met some people from UVSC at church and stayed at there place.. we did a bunch of the gallerys and walked the fashion disticts, tower of london.. I also went to the tate modern on the way home. We saw stomp. it was so funny cause we were so tired we had to hit and pinch each other to make sure that we saw the show. the last night there we just stayed up all night outside so we didnt have to find a place to stay. and left on a train at 5 in the morning to paris. Posted by Hello

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