Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tree 1, Shane 0

Well I decided I needed to trim some of my huge silver maples out front. ( I have 6 of them) and my over grown apple tree.
The first 2 I did'nt use any ropes, and i managed just fine with my new craftsmen professional cordless tools (20v lithum set for only $140) I used my reciprocating saw pictured below on my hip.

on tree number 3, I was thinking that I was pressing my luck so i decided rope up. I got out my climbing gear and put up some saftey lines. all was going well. Until a 6 inch diameter rotted branch broke from under me.. it happened so fast I didnt have time to think.

And this is the exstent of my injurys. dont be fooled... it still hurts. but my advice to world is when trimming very large silver maples... wear a harness and use some saftey lines.. I would have been so hurt if I fell to the ground 15 feet to a pile mean branches and hard ground. Today Im a lucky boy.

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Christy Dyer said...

Shane, you are such a clever young man. I am always amazed at how you turn work into fun and then have blood to show for it!

Dan said...

Wow... Lucky? maybe. Blessed? Definitely.

Those tools are awesome. (the first photo of you is not showing in my browser)

Ben and Shara said...

seriously, knock it off with the dangerous activities!
Paint a table instead!

Lauren said...

It still makes me feel sick. Too many what-ifs, and I don't know that people can appreciate how high you were, or what would have happened if you had fallen all the way. Thank heaven you were inspired to wear your harness....let's make that a standard procedure from now on shall we?

Grantholomew said...

Ha Ha Ha. Shane you should wear a harness everywhere you go.

Annie and Jake said...

i'm glad you're not dead :)

Carrie said...

Oh, I don't know Shane, by the looks of the branches littering the ground I'd say you got one on the tree too. Tree 1, Shane 1