Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Money saver equipment:

This program is Magic! I was trying to find a good Personal finance program without having to buy Quicken or somthing.. Its FREE, you put in your passwords and BAMMO... all your spending comes in - catogorized - month to month... it even takes invesment accounts (ie. schwab, e trade) it took all of 15 mins to set it up.. Granted its basic.. but Im not looking for super complex I just want to know where we spend our mula. www.mint.com
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Allison said...

But Shane if I used this then it would be SOO much harder to come up with excuses to buy unnecessary things. This is because my usual excuse to Geremy is "but honey, I totally have extra money this month!" Somehow at the end of every month I have to make $5 last for a week and a half. I'm not really sure why though;(

Dan said...

I tried Mint. Nothing is as cool as I want, but Mint was the best yet. so was geezeo.com

Mark said...

Dude, this solves the finance tracking problem I've been meaning to solve for a long time. You're a genius.