Monday, May 12, 2008

Post mothers day gift to the man

Lauren Gave me a love note/card.

My being alive is a testiment to my wife's love for me.
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Kerianne said...

HAHA! Sounds fun!
Park city and all- yes it was Shakespeare. Lets just stop criticizing each other's blogging ability. I am here in Reno for goodness sakes. The last few days I have considered posts on wheel barrels, spray paint, geranium pots, and dr.s appointments. I am having a serious drought of interesting in my life. How do some people do it? Blog day after day. Something has got to give- I have nothing interesting left to say- and NOTHING to take pictures of. I think I need a theme for my blog. Like... exploring laundrymats USA, or maybe I should start blogging about all the money i am going to make on EBAY buying stuff at thrift stores here. I dunno.

Anyways- Maybe Ill see you sooon.. in june... or maybe i'll get stuck here. I'm glad you blogged, if anything, it is a reminder of the possibility of a better life i sometimes have when I have a normal job, school, a purpose, a calling, and less doctors appointments.


Christy Dyer said...

Lauren, I loved the card!

Dan said...

Minna gave me one of these... so awesome.