Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tube Riding = Love Hate

Tuberiding hurts... its probably killed a bunch a people... however if you get a picture like this the pain is far more justifiable and if your pain inflicter (boat driver, Aunt Marianne) offers you a T-shirt if you hang on, then its even sweeter... plus you love life more afterwards cause your not about to die anymore.The wild part is... that Some of the brave riders flew way higher then this.. like...Geremy and Allison.


Kerianne said...

OHHH Myyy GOOOSSHHH! I can't even fathom this... wow.. Congratudations!

Ben and Shara said...

sweet, a shirt to go with it! I would have braved the rapids for such a ride! So, the question is, did you actually get the shirt?

Shane ( team rad ) said...

you bet I did! although during the ride I almost let go a handful of times just becuase i wanted the pain to stop.