Saturday, October 18, 2008

Nursery Update

We are so close to finishing the nursery I can almost taste it!! If you have been to our house it is unlikely that you saw it in it's original condition. We have done a TON of work on every surface, and this is what our nursery used to look like. That's right, mustard yellow sponge painted walls, and matching ceiling.

We've made a few changes.

As soon as we put the finishing touches on the paint we'll refinish the floor and finally be able to open up those huge boxes that are currently housing the dresser and crib!

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candicerail said...

I am so impressed with your home improving skills. I was intimidated by the process and had to buy new. I hold up on pedestals those who 'do it themselves'.

You guys are awesome...and yes, your wife looks so cute. She always has and always will.