Friday, October 03, 2008

September is for Peaches

Picking out your peaches from the Orchard and letting them ripen

Making a new French Toast Recipe you've been thinking about since last peach season (that probably just applies to me)

Canning your peaches

Making jam out of them

Fresh Peach Pies

And enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Dear Grandmother,
Thank you for all those days we spent in my Septembers at home putting up peaches and making pies for people. I wish that I had been in your kitchen doing all of this with you.


candicerail said...

I want your Grandma. You are amazing.

Stacy said...

that is so sweet, i wish i was as close to my grandma as you were!

the smoots said...

I feel the same way. P.S. - Did you know Grandmother REALLY doesn't want us to give out the fresh peach pie recipe? I don't know if you do... but good to know. People ask me for it, and I blame my secrecy on her. Isn't it the BEST though?

Ben and Shara said...

you are such a domestic goddess!

Christy Dyer said...

Thanks for such a wonderful weekend. We loved being in your home and feasting on the wonderful dishes that come out of your kitchen.The sticky buns were fabulous as well as the peach pie. Your grandmother would be so pleased with you.

Darron said...

Where or Where do you find the time and energy????? Sandee

Angie said...

Save me from my ignorance. Read my last post and comment. Here's the link:

Btw, why do we live a block from each other and we never see each other? It's a sad, sad world we live in.

Angie said...

Lauren, thanks so much for commenting on my political post. You started quite the debate! I love it.