Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Outlier Clothing

These cloths are awesome... I dig the 4 season OG Pant here is there description:

"Crisply professional looking in the office but you can rock them like Dickies with sneakers or boots. They stretch, breathe and are abrasion resistant for comfort in motion. Self cleaning, water and grease resistant to handle the elements. Tailored in New York City for style and quality."

Plus what kind of shoes is that dude wearing, they are rad.. its the perfect man outfit... you have oil and grease resistant pants that look good in the office, and you can work in the garage with them.. or go camping, biking.. etc. Sign me up... minus the $180 price tag.. check out the web site


Candice said...

And you are good looking enough to pull them off while riding a cruiser bike (at least that is what the picture looked like).

Candice said...

...with a basket. You are definitely rad enough to pull off a basket.

Andrew had a basket on his bike when we lived in Taiwan. Very handy.