Monday, May 18, 2009

Porsche 924

So I bought my first Porsche. It is arguably the uglest porsche ever made. I will say that it has some retro charm to it. It was $125.00 dollars. I just thought that I couldnt lose, i can sell it to the junk yard for that much. It doesnt start... yet. Its a fuel line problem cause it will start with starter fluid. Im going to start with the fuel filter, then the relay (fuse), then the pump. i hope its not he pump they are like $200 bucks.. and theres 2 on this car one in the tank and one inline.

It's a 2.0 liter water cooled fuel injected motor... state of the art for 1979, we were born in the same year. the sun roof is HUGE the roof essentaily comes off. The car already looks different.. I took the sander to it. and I have started priming with rustoluem. I think that Im going to paint it flat black, cause the body isn't straight enough to look good at all with a gloss. plus flat black is the new black. look it up.. or go to L.A.

This is my motorcycle substitute. I really wanted a 944 turbo. They have like 265 Hp stock, and look way better, plus they are newer. Hopefully I will make this one look alright, sell it and move up to the 944 turbo. Then after the 944 is fixed I can upgrade to an older 911. Sounds like a good plan to me.

There are other inexpensive options for a fast car. I looked at honda civics. with all the trimmings.. they make those fast!, older Subaru WRX's, older BMW's with big old engines, domestic muscle ( I think I would get a chevy chevelle ). Anyway this is step one on my way to a fast car.


Christy Dyer said...

Fun project!

Candice said...

Are the Dyers into cars and engines too? I know that the Bagley brothers surely are. I am really impressed.

Brad K. said...

Pretty jealous Shane.

Don't do flat black though. That car isn't BA enough for it. White?