Monday, March 24, 2008

Coton de Tulear

So, I've been wanting a dog for a long time, and I finally found the perfect breed.

These are the top 10 reasons why Cotons make such good pets:

1. They are adorable
2. They are social family dogs who are good with children, and are non-aggressive
3. They do not bark very often
4. They have human-like hair, and do not shed
5. They do not have pet dander that causes dog allergies
6. They are happy and playful, and they perform tricks on their own to make their owners happy if they can sense that you are feeling down
7. They are very smart, easily trainable, and easy to maintain
8. They are a very rare breed, and have no history of health problems
9. There is a breeder that lives 1 1/2 hours away that has healthy papered puppies with all of their vaccinations
10. I really really really want one

What do you think? Cutest dog you've ever seen? I need help convincing Shane that this is the right dog for us, so if you are a dog lover and have any kind words - please share!


Allison said...

That is the CUTEST puppy ever! They sound like the perfect little companions. Having a dog is the best thing in the world!! Hinckley has brought so much joy to mine and Geremy's life. Shane I have faith in your judgment and I know you will make the right decision... BY GETTING THIS PUPPY! :)

Geremy said...

Shane it is a great idea. Dogs are a great way to take out aggrerssion you can kick them, punch. THis one is nice because it is small enough to throw. I am sure you could launch that thing 20 yards. This way you dont have throw and punch lauren. Makes sense hunh. JK But seriously having a puppy is great practice in learning what it will be like with a family. Allison and I are a little pyscho with our dog but it is what I believe teaching us how we will act with children and it gives us a real feeling that this is our little family. I am sure that Annie and the Snake would back me up on this. I think Lyndsay likes dogs too. I am not sure though. Miss you all. Get the dog and Name it "Harley" since you just got a motor cycle. Lauren gets dog Shane gets bike. Everyone is happy.

Allison said...

PS... HAPPY belated ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!! We love you guys!!!

Shane ( team rad ) said...

Seriously! Lauren gets 3 comments on her Dog post and I only get 2 on my motorcycle!! COME ON PEOPLE! Dog=dirty, motorcycle=Rad

Annie and Jake said...

o.k.... Allison, Shane and Germy and Lo :)

I am laughing so hard reading these commnets. Oh Chelius' how I wish we lived closer to you. What am I doing in Oregon anyway? Can anyone tell me?

O.k about the dog Shane. Barlows need animals to survive. We are the products of Haven and Amy barlow. We had like 20 dogs growing up. Its only natural that this is the one post that Allison decides to make herself appearance in the blogging world. Yes, Allison, your lack of comments is weak sauce. Yours too Geremy.

Shane, I love your bike. Actually, I covet your bike. Seriously, I want your bike really badly. No, I want more like a scooter that I can ride around town. You know, like "The Hog."

Back to the dog; it is REALLY cute. I wish Moby had human like hair, and Moby only does tricks for treats. It took me soooo long to get Snake into the idea and now that Moby is here Snake is quite the sucker for the Mobesters.

Good luck to the both of you (but mostly Lauren and the puppy :)

Love you both,

Allison said...

Ok lets get some things straight here...

stop trying to avoid the topic at hand. This post is about canines not motor cycles. Also jealousy and competition do not a healthy marriage make. And last but not least, you have THREE comments on your motorcycle post. Lying is not a healthy characteristic married or not!

Your beautiful and perfect and would be a lovely dog owner also your beautiful. However, I am still waiting for all your garment unfriendly clothes.

I don't know what the west coast does to you people but you need to work on your LYING! If you really cared about your loyal blog readers you would know that I was one of the first people to comment on your very first Moby post! So I will admit that yes the animal kingdom is what brought me to start posting on the blogosphere but get your facts straight sista!

ps...your beautiful and lovely in everyway and cellulite makes us Barlow's unique!

I'm not really sure how this nick name started but I am not one to resist jumping on the band wagon so snake it is. If you click on the very first picture of your pirate ship post it will make it nice and big so you can see your lovely Ace Ventura hair do in all its glory:) Its really is a spectacular gift! Also you need to help your wife get through this lying phase she is going through.

This isn't actually to Geremy bc he will never see this. He is always WAY to swamped to look at these things. So Lauren I think that you really need to take a moment and internalize the fact that my husband logged on and posted for your behalf. This is a very special gift that he has granted you and needs to be respected on the same level as Harry's respect for Dumbledore.

I love you and miss you all!


Anonymous said...

He is cute!!! It sounds like the perfect dog! from syd.

Anonymous said...

Lauren, I really, really like the looks of this dog! I wouldn't let it spend "quality" time with Geremy unless it is supervised. Maybe, I'll get one of these!!! Who knows? Anyway, I can't wait to go see the little critter with you. Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

Sutton said that thing is the most darling thing I have ever seen. I can't wait to see it. and I really, really, really, really, really like the looks of the dog. more than mom that is. love you!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys!! The puppy is so cute, I just want to hug it and love it and squeeze it and SQUEEZE IT!! And I second geremy's case of anger management. I think it is like a bigger and better stress ball, a very healthy way to relieve it, I think. And I love your reasons lauren:) especially the last one, in my opinion that is the only one that matters...hear that *cough* Shane *cough* Hope you guys are happy! Love you - Mary

Lauren said...

I just want to say to my family - thank you for your support! I love you all! And thank you Geremy for taking time from your busy schedule

Annie and Jake said...


I don't know if there is really room on this post for more comments... so I'll keep it brief.
From one dog skeptic to another. Just keep the size down (smaller turds, less hair, less noise, less hassle) And its really not as big a deal as you may think. I wanted a dog that would pass the cost- benefit analysis test. Moby passes with flying colors.. he has really brought a lot of Joy into our house that has far outweighed the pain he has been sometimes.
Moby has been a pleasant surprise!
For what its worth...


Socks said...

I love you guys!

I promise my comment was a joke and not a violent rant. I just re-read it and it sounds a little harsh.

All in good fun. Love,

Shane ( team rad ) said...

Im feeling picked on, ganged up on. seriously Jake? what is going on? Takes me back to my elementary days... being bullyed around... last pick in kick ball,etc. Amy's first appearnce on our blog? Sydney, Sutten, Mary, Geremy, Alison.. come to think of it this might be bringing the family closer... yes! I am helping the family! deny Lauren the deep desires of her ever deepening heart and the family bonds togther! Say no = family love! this is tough! I would however love to say yes, i want to say yes! I mean... A man wants to please his wife, give her what she wants... A true catch 22. Bring the family a long lasting closeness? or give temporary fleeting happiness to his wife?

perplexidly...last pickidly,

Geremy said...

I am sorry that you are feeling picked on. This is my first entrance into the blogging world. And apparently now Allison has started a blog for our little family. Well you can come on over there and pick on me. I think that saying yes to the dog is easy. I am sure there is something else that you can do to make Lauren unhappy and we can use that to bring the family closer.
i.e. You could possiably use her wedding dress to wash the new bike (which is sweet by the way)
You could also place little puppy presents in her favorit handbags.
You could replace her shampoo with nair and she will lose all her hair (Be careful with this one I think it might be crossing the line)
Last but not least you could.... whats it going to be? You will have to log onto the Chelius family blog this evening to find out.

nicole evans said...

Wow Shane, I feel like you need a little backing up here. My husband bought a dog for me. Long story, but basically all through school he promised-swore-we'd get a house when he graduated, well he has graduated and, no house, so as a consolation prize he got me the dog and let's just say it would have been better for everyone if he'd bought the house. The dog stinks, digs, barks, sheds, etc, etc. and more or less no one is particurly fond of our shelter find. Most days I can understand why someone would let her go in the middle of the highway. That being said, Lauren's dog seems a much better choice than our golden retriever (which by the way, are supposed to be smart as well, but I have yet to see any evidence of that) and you should let her get it. As evidenced in this house, not getting your wife what she wants tends to backfire, so make her happy. Besides, if you don't give in to this now, she'll just convince you to get something worse later on. In the end I suppose I am not backing you up at all, sorry about that (but I do agree that dogs can be dirty, stinky, etc), and hey, if you want a golden retriever, do I have the dog for you!