Sunday, March 23, 2008

The motorbikes

My current 1974 CB 550 f super sport. I didn't want to post this just yet because there are more changes coming. I'm even thinking of changing the color of the tank and side panel. Im also thinking of shorting up the back fender and im going to put a smaller tail light on it. Im in the process of painting the black part of the muffler with better flat black muffler paint... I think it looks more stunning in person

QUESTION: if you were going to make changes what would they be.. particularly color.

My First CB 550 , 1976, co-owed With Myron and now totally different color, look, and owned solely by Myron.


brooke said...

Are you for real!?! What in the world and when did you gegt into motercycles. For sure yhou are one of the most surprising and unique individuals:)

Ben and Shara said...

Please be careful. I'm going to be the fuddy duddy, pleading for you to be safe!!!!

p.s. Lauren looks hot on those wheels. But lets face it, Lauren looks hot anywhere!

Allison said...


Annie and Jake said...

Hi Shane.

I'm making a comment about your moto. I thnk it is rad, and I want a scooter really badly. If you see a good deal out there, let me know.

I like lots of colors. maybe gray or a soft baby blue and red. Or white, brown and orange could be totally retro. I think you'll make a good choice.

Don't forget to rig a basket on it for puppy :)

Yes, and Shara is right. Be careful. Lauren, do I have to reming you of our scooter days at Culpepper horse show?

Michelle Hawkes said...

So, I guess they let just about anybody post on these things, huh? I found your blog only by chance!!

That is a sweet bike. I like the idea of a burnt orange color with sparkle flecks that will catch the light.

Poo Bear and I used to take rides every sunday--until we had kids. Now, he rides alone. If we wrecked, our kids would be homeless!! Who knows, they might be better off! :)

Congrats on your first year of marriage! Your next step is definetly a dog, and your wife has some sound advice. Cotons ARE really great!

Ok, novel is over. I hope its OK I posted a comment.

Your crazy old friend, "Chell!"