Sunday, September 07, 2008

Alpine loop, and Stewart falls

Im not sure what this is.. but it was cool.. and it was about 3 inchs across.

Two ladies and an incubating baby that went stewart falls with me. You can see lauren in all her 5 months pregnant glory. shes really small, we are thinking that our boy is going to be a little fellow.


candicerail said...

Way to take care of the Ladies. I wonder if her smallness is a tribute to her strong abdominal muscles. I had read that for the first baby, the muscles have not been stretched or broken. I remember that it took a long time for me to show for my first (and only). But the next two or three or whatever, might show themselves a little faster. Or maybe he is just shy...not possible.

Christy Dyer said...

That is an amazing creature that you photographed, the flower and the dog!

Michelle Hawkes said...

I love Stewart Falls. I hiked this trail just a couple of weeks ago when I was home in Utah. What a pretty photo.