Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Thank you Carrie for our bag of delicious goodies (Apple Cake Muffins pictured here). I love baking! I love the smell, and the way my kitchen warms up, and the way it makes you feel good inside. I have loved making all of these yummy muffins, and it has inspired me to create my own recipes. (we have muffins almost every morning for breakfast) So, thank you for such a thoughtful gift that has brought so much happiness to my kitchen!

P.S. Shane would also like for me to mention that this is my first official post on this blog.
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Miriam Lovell Dyer said...

yea Lauren! I love that you posted!
and I love muffins.
it's late
I'm hungry...

Carrie said...

You're welcome Lauren! I'm so proud that my muffins made your first post ever!

Christy Dyer said...

Yeah! I just am so happy to get a picture into your life. The sink looks great and your new blinds as well. Thanks for posting. The muffins do look really good.

Ben and Shara said...

Thanks for lunch the other day, as well of the recipe for the raspberry braid thingy, it was such a hit at the last baby shower I went to.