Monday, January 14, 2008

Thank You

The holidays are sadly over and life has returned to the Lauren and Shane Dyer normality (which is perhaps far from normal). In retrospect I don’t think that I have properly expressed gratitude for my in-laws. Christmas at the Barlows (Typical form pictured below) is so fun. It hard to express proper thanks for such a generous family, a sincere thank you seems lacking in this case. I need something a more like: a shot gun with thank you bullets, that would probably do it…however that seems dangerous. Lauren suggested a thank you fire work. Perhaps a thank you banner that made noise by itself… maybe too annoying. A thank you cake… too typical. A thank you hug?, Dinner?, Song?... I don’t know. What shows a person’s most sincere thanks? I’m just not sure.

( A man who is serious about thank you's)
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