Thursday, January 24, 2008

Deep Thoughts by Shane Dyer..

Shane made the following statement last night to one of our friends in complete seriousness and with all sincerity.

"But Katie, crafting is happy time, not snappy time!"

I just thought I would share.


Shane ( team rad ) said...

Darling I love your appreciation of my rhetoric... its so endearing..
love your daulomani

Shane ( team rad ) said...

for the record that is not a sarcastic statement.. I'm leaving sarcasm behind. -daulomani

Dan said...

The great thing is that so many of us agree with Shane.

Katie Glade Bagley said...

I am so glad this moment was bolgged! I just blogged about meat balls :) Thanks for the good idea!

Annie Bazammie said...


Craftiness has gotten some really bad press, its these types of sound bites, from respectable indivuduals like yourself, that make it less and less possible for the snappy crafters to taint the happiness of this ancient practice. Thanks for being brave enough to share your heartfelt, albeit controversal, opinion on this matter.